Embracing Crazy

I’ve always had people telling me that i’m crazy (in a good way). Well, not always. Everything started about six years ago when I first moved to Canada and discovered that I’m not exactly the person I used to be back home. Now i had the freedom to be myself, to do what i wanted, when i wanted, how i wanted. I started to taste freedom. Until landing on Canadian ground i was a perfect child, who studied for perfect A’s and stayed outside after 10 pm only about twice a year. Until that life-changing flight my worst “crazy” thing was spraying a can of beer over a friend’s face in a rare drunken moment. Needless to say she was not impressed and I never even managed to feel bad about it. I was actually excited for doing something out of the ordinary.

Oh my, how times have changed.


Jumping into the unknown made me discover that all my life I had a dormant sense of adventure that needed to find complete sense of freedom to be re-awakened. And then I got into the habit of taking decisions that are not necessarily safe for my mother’s heart. Looking back now I realize how dangerous some of my decisions were but when you’ve got an excess of bravery you might as well use it. There’s really no way around it. There’s only one little, teeny-tiny detail: It won’t last forever. And I’m well aware of this reality.

So what can i do now?

Get [more] out of my comfort zone. This means leaving behind the great job that I just resigned from, the apartment room with a gorgeous view that I just gave away to someone else to enjoy, the incredible people that taught me so many things and empowered me to take the decision that brought me here today. Guaranteed, the fifteen year old me would say that I’m completely out of my mind. And again, the fifteen year old me would never believe that one day she will be the one to join thousands of backpackers who just want to wander the world. It’s an incredible opportunity that I never even dreamed of having. And yet here I am.

I look ahead and who knows what the future holds. Isn’t Exciting ? Scary ? Thrilling ? That’s the beauty of embracing crazy. I don’t know what’s coming, there’s no set plans for next week or next month and usually going with the flow brings the best of memories and moments. So I’ll seize the moment and enjoy the traveler’s life. There are still a lot of things to learn and a lot to experience.

Breathe in, breathe out – Tomorrow is a brand new day!




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