From Java to Bali

The ticket said 5:40pm. My time in Yogyakarta had come to an end and it was time for me to say goodbye to the beautiful Javanese Island. Besides the fact that after getting of the train a boy tried to offer me a taxi ride from the train station to the airport terminal – which was only a 2min walk away (gotta love nice scammers) everything else seemed to go according to plan. Until the girl at the counter said that the plane “might” be delayed for 2h.

I’m not a fan of arriving in a new place after sunset so I was hoping she won’t be right. She was definitely wrong. The plane was delayed for 4h. This meant I was due to arrive in Kuta Lombok by 11pm and not to forget the fact that my hostel didn’t have a 24h reception service. What’s that, anxiety?So here I was, abusing the airport’s wifi – first emailing my hostel to hopefully wait for me and after, finding other options for accommodation “just in case”. In the end I didn’t have to worry at all. The guy at the reception welcomed me at 1am, half awake, took me into a room and handed me some keys without even checking me in. He was probably sleep walking. I turned on the bed lamp and put my backpack on the floor noticing my new temporary roomate waving at me with a smile from the other corner of the room. I was going to be alright.

Yes, it’s gorgeous!

Almost all the travelers coming from Bali will tell you to skip Kuta Bali and go straight to Kuta Lombok instead. I was also the person who strongly convinced other travellers from Bali to go to Lombok. To be honest Bali is way to crowded and party oriented. If you’re into that, then that’s your place. If you’re trying to avoid annoying vendors and people shoving things in your face and always wanting something from you, then Lombok is your place. The island is keeping it’s cultural feeling and there are not too many tourists. Right now it’s low season in Indonesia which means it rains in the afternoon but also there is no need to pre-book accommodation. Just show up and you’ll definitely find a place to crash.

I spent two days around Kuta Lombok making sure that I get a major sunburn I could still feel a week later. Can’t blame me, the beaches are wonderful and I can’t really stay away from them. After that, I joined another group of travellers to Gili Islands, more specifically Gili Air because, remember, I don’t really like to party (or do lots of drugs, drinking and smoking) for that matter. What I went for instead was a snorkelling trip through all 3 islands: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan where I managed to see coral reefs, giant turtles, and the scary underwater world where the coral reef ends and you’re left with a dark blue drop that you can’t see anything through. (I’d show a picture but I’m too lazy, instead,here’s me on my snorkelling trip, featuring my very red hand that didn’t get enough sunscreen)

And then I felt like leaving. Traveling offers a great deal of flexibility – I’ve seen a place, I’ve met some people, time to move on to…Bali (because I still have to see it)

Oh Bali, Bali.. (will update on it later)

There’s plenty of mixed feelings about Bali. Too crowded, too touristy, the locals are tired of tourists and the tourists are tired of locals. No joke. But it’s beautiful. Coming from quiet areas to Bali it’s quite the change (including the price change for everything) but I can’t argue about the beauty of the island. Ubud in particular feels like a fairytale. Extended my stay for 4 nights because the city is worth visiting more. Just trying to get used to the street vendors ( trying to not rip anyone’s hair off, really). There’s one more week to spend on the island and then on to the next adventure. What’s that going to bring? Can’t think that far yet, first I have to figure out what or where will I be tomorrow. I guess I’m just living in the moment, or at least trying to!


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