What is your “Impossible” Dream?

Rio, this is for you.

If you say you can’t, you are right. If you say you can, you are right too. (Tanja’s favourite quote)

How often do you dream of something and say that it’s impossible? That amazing job that you are “not ready” for yet, that relationship you dream of maybe happening one day, the country you’ve pointed on a map and wanted to visit but convinced yourself that “You’ll never get there”. How many times you heard yourself saying: “Its impossible”.

I know I said that sentence a lot of times and of course I still do. Growing up in a small country, in a modest family, I didn’t even dare to dream of visiting islands or doing those adventurous things people do on TV. In my perception, those amazing things simply will not happen to me, probably also because almost no one in my family went out of their way to venture somewhere in the world longer than a ten day vacation trip. So I let that “impossible” thought to follow me around.

Hiking Merapi – the most active Volcano in Indonesia

But ask yourself – is the thing that you so much wish for, truly unachievable? We’re not talking about carrying mountains on our shoulders, or drinking all ocean waters (we’ve got some jokers out here). We’re talking the things that you saw other people have, or do, or achieve and you wanted to do or have as well. And is that really unachievable? If other people did it, most certainly your dream is not an impossible thing. If your dream is so unique nobody had ever done it, chances are when you find a way to achieve it, you’ll become a pioneer in the field that you created.

Most of us have completely attainable goals but we choose to think that we’ll never reach them. We get lazy. It’s so much easier to let our minds control and rule over us. The moment you say “I can’t” the battle is over. Your mind won. Not you.

I was always scared of dreaming big. There was always some invisible force holding me back. I’m sure you feel it too. It’s always there, hiding in the shadows, stubborn to let go. About a year ago I found myself on this road without any purpose really, feeling quite lost. I shared those feelings with a close friend and he asked me what did I always want to do but didn’t achieve.

Without thinking I said “Traveling.”

“So why don’t you do it?”

“But that’s crazy” the ten year old version of myself mumbled in my ear.

And then I did a reality check.

“Really, why don’t I do it? What’s stopping me to do it?”

And this was the moment when my life started to change. What was stopping me? Lack of money, my job, my friends, the sense of security? What were the things that were standing in the way of me reaching my goal? The moment I told myself that what I wish for is not impossible, I started to think How to make it possible. How to make the impossible – possible. A year later I’m backpacking in Asia.

There’s always a way. And more often than not that way involves letting go of a couple of things. It’s up to you to decide if your dream is worth the sacrifice.

So what is that thing you always wanted to do? What’s stopping you to reach it? I challenge you right now to think about your dream and listen to your mind saying that it’s impossible to achieve it. Now ask yourself ” What can I do to make it possible? What do I need to get there? How can I get there?”. Our mind is a powerful tool. Let it sink in and watch the magic happen.


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