The secret to being BRAVE

Since moving away across the ocean, more than 6 years ago and discovering an insatiable sense of adventure that manifested itself in me jumping off bridges, waterfalls, planes and going around the world with just a backpack in tow, I kept hearing people talking about bravery.

“How are you able to do that?”

“You are so brave (crazy) for doing that, etc.”

I used to look at everyone weirdly when conversations like these came up, somehow being under the impression that just because I do these things, everyone else can do it. Eventually, I realized that not everyone is like me – able to break through their fears of doing something out of the ordinary. Let’s face it: you are going to look up to people that are breaking through your own fears. And when you see them doing it, that’s a sign that you can very well do it too.

You want to be courageous and do amazing things? Can’t wait to find out what’s the secret to Bravery? Trust me, you’ve heard the answer countless of time before, and what you’ve heard is no lie. Remember Nike’s motto?


Here it is – Plain, Simple and Free! These guys figured it out way before us and have been spreading the message ever since. It’s not only about the shoes though, isn’t it? These three simple words are the key between you and the best moments of your life.

I know how it feels, trust me – I’ve been there countless times. It’s terrifying. Your heart is racing, your hands are shaking, your mind is asking you repeatedly what the hell are you doing and you feel your steps tracing back without even being conscious of it. The fear is setting in, not like a wave, but like a tsunami. It feels all too real, all too scary.

Time to run?


Here is where you change the rules of the game. 

I know what you want to do but you won’t do it. Instead, close your eyes. Breathe. Slow and Deep. Trust the feeling and ignore the racing thoughts. Go to that crazy place where nothing can reach you, where fear doesn’t own you. Imagine it as a controlling enemy were you will do anything to not let it take over you.  Let it manifest in your body but not in your mind. Once you’ve done all that – take the leap.

Welcome to the Team

In anything you do – be it checking for monsters under the bed or jumping off a cliff into a waterfall – Learn to Be Brave and enjoy the sweet aftermath feeling. You’ve earned it.


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